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Client stories

"Thank you so much"

‘Thank you so much. Super useful. And already have seen some significant changes - energy levels in particular"

Female . 30

"Vanessa is super knowledgeable and experienced"

‘I went to see Vanessa because I had been suffering from bloating and tiredness for nearly 20 years. After some meals, I would fall in to a semi-comatose state and crash for hours. After other meals, I was belching like a bull-frog! I put Vanessa’s advice in to practice and I soon reaped the rewards. I’m no longer bloated, I never feel lethargic from eating and my energy levels have returned. … I have to say that I am super-impressed with Vanessa – she’s super knowledgeable and an experienced nutritionist and has radically improved the quality of my health, without the need for any medication or operations. I still eat well and I’m not on any whacky diets or depriving myself of the things I like. Now, I just eat smart’.

Male . 50

"I used to suffer with blood sugar issues"

'I went to see Vanessa to discuss how to stabilise my fast metabolism as I have always suffered with low blood sugar and dizziness when hungry. I had always had trouble finding the right foods to sustain me between meals and in particular during my commute to central London. I had been relying on cereal bars and bananas and they just weren’t cutting it. She went through my diet in detail and asked me to keep a food diary which she analysed in preparation for my second appointment. I found her explanation of food groups and metabolism very informative and have continued to use her advice with success.’

Male . 40's

"I have so much more energy"

‘As for how I feel, I feel great and have so much more energy than before. I feel like a switch was turned on in my brain and I hope I will continue to feel like this. I have had my first period without strong PMS symptoms this week since giving birth and I feel more and more like myself again. Thanks Vanessa for your support and guidance.

Female . 40's

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