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My Story

I grew up surrounded by anxiety & stress

As a young adult, I suffered from periods of stress and anxiety but thought this was just life and soldiered on regardless, not realising that as I did so my body and mind were being affected. As my career gathered pace so did the telling signs that I needed to pay attention or I would end up suffering. Late nights, followed by eating at my desk, constant long commutes and what I now understand to be ‘social anxiety’ resulted in see-sawing of emotions, blood sugar imbalance, gut dysbiosis and don’t get me started on my PMS symptoms.

my story

It came to a head when I started to have small but not insignificant panic attacks

It started affecting my everyday. I wasn’t shining any more, I was just surviving and I realised I had to do something. But what? I knew one thing for certain, being in nature made me feel at ease and grounded. Foraging and visits to kitchen gardens got me interested in ‘food used as medicine’ , and I grew more and more interested in the science behind the benefits, particularly the HPA axis - which is often under stress in those with anxiety. Then with some effort I started to replace foods with those that worked for me. I stopped focusing on what worked for everyone else and found my own path.

Image by Bailey Zindel

Fast forward and now I support others to do the same. Join me as you start to make your journey and take back control of who you really are and what foods make you shine.

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