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As part of my services, I offer functional testing to get to the heart of the health concern and to provide clarity for clients who are struggling to understand the symptoms they are experiencing. Working with safe and GP recognised laboratories I take the hassle out of testing and organise tests to be done in the comfort of your home and liaise with the laboratories as required.


Testing is for those who wish to take a deeper dive into their health and for those who it helps to have some black and white facts to work with.

Test Tubes

Tests I offer include

Advanced Well Woman blood panel

This provides an overview of hormones, thyroid, some vitamins and minerals to help piece together the bigger picture of what might be causing your health concern.

Dutch hormone Test

This is a dried urine test which is taken over several points within a 24 hour period to give a good hormone picture.

Comprehensive stool (gut) Test.

This provides a clear understanding of the following pillars of gut health and where yours is at present:

Maldigestion – the need for digestive support

Inflammation – the need to control inflammation

Dysbiosis – the need for microbiome support and the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria

Metabolic imbalance – the need for probiotic support

Infection – Need for antimicrobial support (e.g parasites)

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If you would like to explore testing packages book in a time to chat.

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